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Summertime Pool Fun

Summertime Pool Fun

The best way to cool off this summer is by taking advantage of your swimming pool. Gather friends and family, and check out these ideas for summertime pool fun that will surely liven any pool party up.

7 Ideas for a Fun Pool Party This Summer

1. Pick a Fun Theme

You can match the food and décor to your chosen theme. For example, you can go with a Hawaiian luau, set up a tiki hut, and decorate the outdoors with tiki torches. In addition, you can welcome guests with leis, make some kebabs for guests to munch on, and concoct fruity drinks like piña coladas, margaritas, and mai tais for a truly tropical feel.

2. Provide Pool Accessories

Make sure to have plenty of pool toys to go around so that everyone stays entertained. Stock up on pool floats, beach balls, water bombs, and dive rings. Also provide personal floatation devices such as life vests, water wings, and kickboards for children and inexperienced swimmers.

3. Prepare Games

Keep the energy going and take advantage of your friends’ competitive streak by preparing a few games such as a simple water balloon fight or the classic game of Marco Polo. You can also set up a basketball hoop or a volleyball net for those who want to play.

4. Play Music

Get your party started with the right playlist. No need to hire a DJ! Simply bring out your portable speakers and choose a playlist from Spotify that matches the party theme.

5. Set Up a Photo Booth

Make your pool bash memorable by coming up with a photo booth where guests can take their souvenir photo. The backdrop should match your theme and be wide enough to fit large groups of people.

6. Stock Up on Pool Essentials

The sun can be the biggest enemy during your pool party. Make sunscreen readily available by setting up a sunscreen station and include a variety of SPF and water-resistant options for your guests to slather on. Also bring out extra towels, flip-flops, and sunglasses for guests who forgot to bring theirs.

7. Ready Your Pool

Make sure the walls and floor of your pool have been cleaned thoroughly and the water chemistry checked out. Hire a professional to clean and balance your pool a couple of days before the party, leaving them enough time to work out any potential issues that may arise.

For Summertime Pool Fun, Call Pool Pros

You can depend on the Pool Pros to make your pool ready for the summer. Just give us a call at (423) 298-4241 or message us using the online contact form!